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It took some time, but halfway through our lives, we found each other. Together we create and we share our passion to emotions, the ability to feel and love.


Vadim is a professional photographer & one of the Best Montreal Wedding Photographers with more than 17 years of experience. He started as a photojournalist, shooting for Israeli news magazine and covered Second Israel-Lebanon war in 2006.

Today, Vadim is one of the leading commerciallly published photographers in Montreal, specializing in headshots, portraits, product photography, advertising and international corporate events. But most of all, during all these years, Vadim enjoyed capturing the most beautiful moments of each couple’s wedding. Hundreds of weddings and celebrations, Canada wide, US as well as overseas.

Using relax approach and being almost invisible during the event, Vadim always surprises couples with moments filled with love and simple storytelling images. 


Nadia is an artist in her soul. She is a Montreal Wedding photographer with strong attention to details and beauty. Always after the glamorous frame and flattering lighting,

She is professional makeup artist with great portfolio. If you are the bride, you are welcome to combine her services as a makeup artist and photographer. This way you are sure to benefit from her makeup touch-ups during the entire wedding.

On the personal note, Nadia is also crazy about horses. She is a professional rider in western equitation. As a model and as an actor, she was featured in last two Arabian Horse magazines and Western movie’s commercial.

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